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Paths Not Remembered in Certain Case

It appears to happen only when using the Blend Normals A & B option. To replicate:

1. Load a colour texture so it creates a Normal map (A)
2. Delete the auto generated AO and S maps
3. Load another colour texture map with the Add new node to the Project option. Browse to a directory and select a map.


4. Create the Displacement and Normal maps from the added map in step 3.
5. Select Blend Normals Map A Map B with the dd new node to the Project option.
6. Save it.


Notice that the save path is different from the source path. Now I would have thought that it remembers the last path used.


  • Thanks for your post and clear explanation.

    I think what you are experiencing is the difference between "Last Load Path" and "Last Save Path". ShaderMap keeps track of them separately.

    I'll add an option to enable a single "Last Path" instead of both load and save.
  • That might explain it. However, the next time I do a Save Blended Normals, it initially use the same Save Path as the screenshot in my original post, even though I have previously saved elsewhere.

    Thank you for your planned solution.
  • Okay, I'll definitely have a look at this when I'm adding the new option.

    Thanks again for your feedback.
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