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ShaderMap 3.0.2 Released

What's New in ShaderMap 3.0.2?

  • Forward Model to Material Visualizer - Users can now push send a Source Model to the Material Visualizer from the Project Grid by right clicking the Source Mode.
  • UDIM Support for Model Maps - Maps that use Source Models as input can now use a UDIM ID to generate the map for the offset UV coordinates.
  • Option to use 127 or 128 as Zero in Normals - This option allows the user to force exported 8 bit Normal Maps to use 128 as zero instead of the default 127.
  • Option to set Max U - This allows the user to define the maximum number of horizontal tiles in for UDIM enabled maps.
  • Option to set UDIM Postfix - This allows the user to set the postfix format used by UDIM enabled maps.
  • Bugs Fixed
    • Fixed UV coordinates on Cylinder default geometry.
    • Pre Filters were not working on Normal Maps with non normal map inputs.

For more info on UDIM support see: http://shadermap.com/docs/mm_udim_support.html


Download the demo version here.

ShaderMap 3 is available for just $49.95. That includes all version 3 updates plus 3 installations per seat license. Additional seats are only $29.95.

Existing customers can log in to upgrade to ShaderMap 3 for just $29.95.
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