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[SOLVED] Preview Window

I'm only an occasional user of ShaderMap so my apologies if this is a dumb question.:blush:

Since "upgrading" to Win 8/8.1 my preview window looks like I'm viewing the textures through a veil or gauze. I've tried adding lamps, changing the background, etc, but with no success. I'm sure it was clearer in Win 7.

It looks like this:

Is this how it is supposed to look?

I have tried adding a profile to my NVidia Control Panel but with no success.

My system is an I7-4770, Gigabyte GTX 780Ti, Win 8.1-64.

TIAOoops! I decided to follow the manual with the sample file and it looked correct. Then I realised my color texture file had an alpha channel (grey -30,30,30).

So, problem solved.

Thanks anyway.
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