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ShaderMap 4.3.2 / 3 Released

edited September 2019 in ShaderMap News

SM 4.3.2 / 3 is now available for download. See below for a list of new features / fixes.

Version 4.3.2 / 3 - Revision 3 (R3)

4.3.3 was released to fix a bug introduced in 4.3.2 when batch processing.


  • New default font - this is compatible with UHD scaling (still being implemented). Additional fonts will be added after UHD scaling is complete.
  • Added Mask Height / Level property (This sets the grayscale color of the where map pixels are masked) to the following maps:
    • Diffuse to Displacement
    • Diffuse to Metalness
    • Diffuse to Roughness
    • Diffuse to Gloss
    • Diffuse to Specular
    • Diffuse to Specular Color

Bugs Fixed

  • Incorrect mask rendering on several map types.
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