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ShaderMap 4 R3 (4.3.1) Released

edited September 2019 in ShaderMap News

SM 4.3 is now available for download. See below for a list of new features / fixes.

Version 4.3.1 - Revision 3 (R3)


  • New logo and various theme changes.
  • License support for Basic, Pro Student, Pro Personal and Pro Commercial.
  • Added map names to the channel mixer via tooltip button.
  • Clickable news thumbnail and online news link.
  • Updated FBX to version 2019.5.

Bugs Fixed

  • Crash when embedding a child map into a parent map.
  • Map mouse over tooltip not always showing. Caused by tooltip not set in LUA script add_map_node().
  • RMAD had the same export name as RMA.
  • Maps not connected to batch source node but have embedded maps connected to a batch source node were not being exported on batch. (RMA, RMAD).
  • Batch filename on multiple versions of same map were being corrupted.
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