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ShaderMap 4.2.3 Released

edited June 2019 in ShaderMap News

Version 4.2.3 - Revision 2 (R2)


  • Filter Stack now only displays filters compatible with map type.
  • New Filter: Normal Gradient - Isolates a gradient from an existing normal map which can be subtracted or added to the base normals. Great for uneven light scan normal maps.
  • Enabled multiple instances of SM4.2. Modified the caching system to be named according to the process ID ensuring no instance conflicts.

Bugs Fixed

  • Crash when loading an EXR normal map -1 to +1 into a color source or disp source map.
  • When batching images, _0 is added to maps even if there aren't multiples. Removed _0 and only add when multiple of that name.
  • Certain situations caused a normal map to be used as an input which returned non rasterized values.
  • User Defined Env Maps not loaded from project file.
  • Crash on load default project from start with <= 16px source image.
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