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New Server, Payments, and Forums

edited January 2019 in ShaderMap News

Hi everyone,

Welcome to the new Forums for Rendering Systems. Here you can continue to get support for ShaderMap and future products released by Rendering Systems. All accounts have been transferred from the ShaderMap forums. Log in and take a look around. Most user images were transferred over, but there were some issues on a few accounts. Let me know what you think.

We've moved to a new and more powerful server. Please excuse our dust. If you see anything acting strange on the site, please let me know below.

We are happy to announce two new payment methods. First we have left PayPal for credit card processing and are now using Stripe. The integration is much better and doesn't require customers to leave the site to make a payment. We have also added crypto currencies to the checkout and accept those through the Coinbase Commerce system.

Thanks for being patient with us through the upgrade.


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