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Ready for PBR Support?

Version 4.1 of ShaderMap is mid development and will bring a lot of updates to materials and maps. 

Just wanted to show you the first render of a PBR material in ShaderMap - I'm excited! :D



  • Awesome! When do you think you will release this? Do you need testers?
  • dgagen wrote:
    Awesome!  When do you think you will release this?  Do you need testers?


    Development is about 75% done on 4.1, so I would expect it is ready for BETA by May June July August!. If you are a PRO user you will have access to the BETA version through your SM account page. I'll send out an email when it's available. 

    So hoping to have a launch in June August.
  • It is now mid-July :)
  • TheGit, I am properly shamed... should have been updating this thread as I went along.

    On the bright side, development of features is done. Just patching bugs found during development then docs and tons of testing. Hoping to launch beginning of August.

    A lot more was added to SM4.1 than originally planned, so I hope everyone will appreciate the hard work that has gone into it.
  • No problem :)

    It will be much appreciated, especially as you could have left it for SM5 which means more money for the upgrade :D

    A few screenshots in the meantime would be nice.
  • Just and update - planning to launch SM4.1 on Monday August 13. So, next Monday :)
  • Some screenshots of 4.1


  • It looks very nice indeed!
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