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ShaderMap 4.0.7 Released

Version 4.0.7 

Generalized node caching system speeds post filter rendering, New options for configuring Default Projects, and bug fixes. 

  • Generalized Node Caching system.
  • New option to set max cache size in Megabytes (MB).
  • Cache Map Nodes for Post Filter Passes. Greatly speeds up post filter rendering.
PRO Features
  • New Options Page - Default Projects. Enable / disable default maps. Toggle auto render and auto filename generation.
Bugs Fixed
  • Batched Source Images didn't have filters applied.
  • Memory leak on delete Filter.
  • Crash when Adding MASK to Albedo (DIFF), Blend Maps, Blend Normals, and Albedo from Photos.
  • Crash on New Project after Project with Filters.
  • Crash is certain situation on Normal Map Render Fail.
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