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Plaid Pattern on Displacement Map

Thanks for the update. I waited to see if this problem also would be in the new 2.06 version.

When I use a normal map exported from 3DCoat (normal map option selected is for Max and LW), I get a plaid pattern on the displacement map. Default displacement gets the plain pattern, not Alt displacement.

I can not use the Alt displacement either as it puts shadows around the base of the extrusions and these are read as intrusions in the displacement map. I will send some pictures later to support of what it looks like in 3dCoat...

I to not have any problems with generating displacement maps through the other methods.

This happens on all displacement maps that I generate from a normal map exported from 3DCoat.

The above just might be the problematic nature of getting a displacement map from a normal.

I will send the picture of the displacement map to support..

I was reading some of the road map, looks great, a displacement map editor coming down the pike... nice...


  • I think maybe in this case the problem resides in the exported normal map. Maybe some normal information that is picked up by your program. The normal map looks correct, that is no plaid you can see in the normal map. I'm still stratchng my head on this one.

    3DCoat does have a free trial, if you want to investgate 3DCoat's normal map exporting, that is if you do not own the program already...
  • Hi digman. This is a known problem that was talked about here: http://shadermap.com/forums/showthread.php?tid=8

    I'll re-post the explanation here:

    "The normal -> displacement map works best on normals generated from height / displacement. In essence it is a way to recover displacement from normals generated from displacement.

    If normals are generated from baking algorithms then the displacement map will have those artifacts. This is the reason for providing the alternate conversion method."

    I have been working on different methods for normal -> displacement but nothing to release so far. Expect an update to that particular plugin in 2.0.7 - I will release a beta version of it, here in the forums, next week for testing.

    The Standard method will be renamed "From Map" and the Alt method will be renamed "From Model". To handle both disp->normal and model->normal type maps.
  • Thanks for the explaining again and opps I forgot to try "search" to see if this topic was already covered.

    Looking forward to testing the beta....
  • digman wrote:
    Thanks for the explaining again and opps I forgot to try "search" to see if this topic was already covered.

    Looking forward to testing the beta....

    It's no problem, just wanted you to see the images on that post and let you know my canned response to the artifact. :-)

    Will send you an email when the beta is up.

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