Batch Process Issues

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It would appear as though I cannot do batch process for specular maps. Unless I'm doing something wrong please help.


  • Can you explain in more detail what you are doing and what errors are reported. For instance, are you starting from a default project on the Start Screen, if so which one?

    Please provide as many steps as possible so I can help resolve your issue.
  • I'm simply making a project and than I try to do a batch process with specular maps only, the program won't allow me to do batch process specular maps in bulk. I can only do specular maps one at a time on each project.

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    I have just made an empty project. I added a color map (to use as a source for the Specular Map). Then I added a Specular (from Diffuse) map to the project.

    I selected the Specular Map and assigned an export file name for it. This also creates a batch filename for the map as well.

    I selected the Color Map (the one I will replace with all batch maps) and pressed the Batch button. Once I selected a number of maps to batch process in the file explorer, the process began and all Specular Maps were saved.

    I tested this working with the default projects on the Start Screen as well. If you are not getting certain maps to work then check your Options -> Default Projects and make sure the maps are being assigned a filename.

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