Where to find a well done tutorial on creating wood PBR


I am looking into what software to use, and i am a beginner.
The thing is that i have now scanned 250 individual wood planks(300mm x 5000mm) and created tillable color maps for 5 different wood types.
Now i need to make PBR materials for arch-viz. Do any of you have any suggestions on how to do this? or any good resources to check out? I need to make the wood to look as natural/realistic as possible.

I have render photo realistic scenes in 3dsmax+ vray using floorgenerator and multi texture, this works but is only usable if you have these Applications.
Now i need to be make in PBR maps. The maps have to work in other render engines and whit a standard PBR workflow.

Is ShaderMap the right choice?

I have includet a real picture to show one of the wood styles



  • You can also see the floor in this 3d scan.


  • I would start by loading up one of your scans in ShaderMap and generating PBR materials. From the Start Screen you can select Mode: PBR and then load one of your tiles as a Color Image.

    Try adjusting the Metalness and Roughness map intensities until you get the desired result.

    Metalness and Roughness are grayscale and are generated directly from the Color Source. I would also encourage you to use the Input Filter, found at the top of each of the Roughness and Metalness maps. It looks like a rainbow of numbers. This will give you more control over how colors are converted to grayscale.

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