ShaderMap 4 R3 Development

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I have officially started on version 4.3 (ShaderMap 4 R3).

Why 4.3 and not version 5? Well, I feel like there is still a lot to do in this version. Mainly, I want to add support for additional languages, Student and Personal type licensing as well as a number of features which haven't made it into version 4 yet.

My plans are to get the version 4.3 out later this month (July 2019) with support for additional license types, UI improvements and bug fixes. Once that is released, I'm going to work hard to get ShaderMap translated into a new language.

Of course version 4.3 will be a free upgrade to all version 4 Pro and Non-Commercial (free) users.

As always, I'm open to feedback and suggestions.

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  • Light Direction Height Discovery.
    It would be nice if you could create and implement a light direction height discovery alg. for creating proper height and normal maps.
    The problem is that all of apps are looking for height based on the luminance value but not based on luminance gradient direction change or slope lightness.
    When you have light-shadow play on the object it means that shadow is not most recessed place and light area is zero ( or the highest area ). But the border between them makes the highest or lowest point of the object based on light direction ( that user can set as he see it ).
    It would be nice to have that kind of height discovery option in your app with light direction pointed by user.
    Because many images for tiles that we - archviz artists - have to use are just photos taken with some directional light ( that helps us at the same time to have the depth feeling of the material but it does not help for Hight/Normal map creation at all).


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